Mighty Sam McClain:
“Gerry Putnam at CedarHouse Sound and Mastering is one of the best producers/engineers I have ever worked with in my 45 years of recording. His attention to budget and detail have helped me greatly in our projects and time together. He is a good man, and I am very thankful and proud to call him my brother & friend.”

David Coffin:
“There are so many sound engineers out there but I choose to drive almost two hours each way to work with Gerry. He's the best. He's not one of the best. He is the best. He hears things in the studio and knows how to tell me when he thinks I can do it better. He's kind about it. And he knows his equipment and how to use it. He picks the best mic for my instruments or voice, and understands what I'm trying to do because he LISTENS!! I've been forced to work with other engineers and it never sounds as good. Ever. If you need more information than this contact me.” 

Paul Hodes:
Congressman at United States Government, Advisory Board Member at New Hampshire Institute of Politics
“Gerry's attributes are many. He is a Musician's engineer and producer. He is skillful, expert and diligent. He is completely trustworthy and creates an easygoing atmosphere in which to do creative work. We have worked with Gerry for years on many projects. I trust his ears and his impeccable taste completely.”

Lou Antonucci:
“I first met Gerry in May of 2010 and have been working a musical project with him for more than a year. His musicianship, creativity, and ear for music (of all types) is impeccable. His ability to listen to and absorb a musician's concepts and ideas and translate them into reality is, without a doubt, his most important attribute.”

Odds Bodkin:
Master Storyteller, Author

"Gerry Putnam is the most utterly professional, intelligent, sympathetic and intuitive engineer I know. As a musician, he listens and knows. As a technologist, he is creative and is always, always willing to stretch not only his own stylistic boundaries but the boundaries of his equipment as well, all of which is high end. He is tireless. When the rest of us have put up our feet in exhaustion, Gerry is still working. It’s amazing."

Matt Musty:
Studio, Touring Musician

"It’s very rare that I run into engineers with one tenth of the talent Gerry Putnam possesses. His ears are gold, his professionalism is second to none, and the end product never disappoints. As a session drummer, I feel completely at home in the CedarHouse atmosphere and the recording industry could use more environments like this. It’s hard to explain, but things come a little easier at CedarHouse and it’s always an immense pleasure to work with someone as gifted and special as Gerry Putnam."