Gerry Putnam

I have owned and operated CedarHouse for 32 years. I have built a facility of the highest quality. I believe this studio and my track record put artists, producers and record labels at ease by providing a first rate acoustic and technical environment.

My life has been surrounded by music. I grew up with a father who performed with tight harmony a cappella groups, starting at Princeton with the TigerTones. My own musical training and background includes extensive studies of classical and jazz guitar (Hartt School of Music, The Berklee College of Music, Ithaca College and research at Cornell), classical voice, choral and glee club performing, rock & roll, R&B and country performance and studio work (as a musician).

My involvement in New Hampshire's rich folk and traditional music scene has been one of the highlights of my career. I have recorded many of the best this state has to offer and I am proud to call them my clients and friends. 

Beyond our borders, I have worked with NBC, Random House, RCA, Green Linnet, NorthStar Music and hundreds more. I might also add (brag?) that one album I produced and mastered, Pure Quill, and one that I mastered, The Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra, were voted as two of the top 40 musical albums of all time by Yankee Magazine.

Beyond music, I have the tools to perform archival, restorative and forensic work. My work with Story Preservation Initiative has built an ever-growing library of life stories, archived at UNH and heard on public radio. Voice-over and audio books are recorded in as rich a tone as can be had anywhere!