Yamaha DM2000VCM 96k/24-bit with, surround sound and total recall; Sony DMX-R100

House Clock:

MacPro 8-core, Mac G-5, Sadie(Windows), 10 terabytes of storage.

Melodyne, Eventide, Peak Soundsoap Pro, Waves Resoration, Waves Q10, Linear Phase EQ, Linear Phase Multiband,
IR-1 reverberator and many, many more, Reason 6, Sibelius 7, Photoscore Ultimate, Toast.

Tape Machines/DAW/Monitoring:
Pro Tools HDX MADI with all optical interconnects; Solid State Logic 24-channel A/D & D/A converts; Troisi 24-bit A/D; Waves Maxx BCL; Sony APR-24, 2" analog 24-track; Tascam DA-78HR/88 DTRS, 24-track(16,24-bit); Fostex RD-8 ADAT; Paqrat conversion for ADAT to allow 24-bit storage; Sadie hard disk mastering system; Peak Pro; Tascam DAT & 32 analog 1/2 track; various 1/4 inch reel to reels, Nakamichi cassette decks; misc. CD burners, Panasonic DVD-Ram; Sony 501es Beta 2-track, wire recorder (sorry, no wax cylinders). Monitoring:B&W matrix, Cerwin-Vega, Yamaha (4) Klipsch Cornwalls and various "real-world" speaker systems powered by Crown power amps.

Neumann, Lawson, B&K, AKG, Sony, Royer, Shure, Sennheiser, Earthworks, EV, Media Millennia, Drawmer, Sytek, UA/Urei.

Lexicon, Sony DRE-S777 sampling reverb, Eventide, TC electronics, Yamaha.Outboard Comp/Misc.:
Twincom compressor, Urei 1178, Aphex Compellor, Focusrite, Drawmer 1960, BBE 822A, Demeter stereo tube direct, American Standard Porcelain.

Perfectly restored and regulated 1898 Steinway "B" Grand Piano, mint condition Hammond B-3 organ and 3-position Leslie speaker; very high quality and rare acoustic, electric and classical guitars and amplifiers; M-Audio 88-key Midi controller; Fender Rhodes and misc. MIDI gear. Orchestra bells and wooden marimba. Misc percussion. 

This studio has been wired with the highest quality cable for multiple headphone mixes, line level, speaker level, MIDI, Data, Coax to all rooms, as well as WiFi. The main recording room has a projection system for soundtrack recording to picture. The control room has a Panasonic LED/LCD HD 55” monitor, as well.

The climate control is inaudible, fast and stable and equipped with humidity control. There is a kitchenette with microwave, refrigerator, toaster oven, two electric burners, tea, coffee and espresso machines. The general area has numerous hotels, motels and B&Bs as well as many fine restaurants. For those who would like to stay on the grounds, we have facilities to sleep up to six in very comfortable rooms for an additional daily fee, with breakfast included.